Facts About Space

Space exploration - the Apollo 12 Lunar Module in lunar orbit

Above: The Apollo 12 Lunar Module in lunar orbit, photographed 19 November 1969 from the Command and Service Modules (Credit: NASA).

10 Facts About Space

99.8% - the amount of the solar system's total mass that is contained within the sun alone.

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88 days - the length of a year on Mercury, the fastest orbiting of all the planets.

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118 days - the length of time between one sunrise on Venus and the next.

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5,500°C - the average temperature of Earth's core, as hot as the surface of the sun.

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14 miles - the height of the martian volcano Olympus Mons, the tallest mountain in the solar system, around 3 times taller than Mount Everest.

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5,268 km - the diameter of Jupiter's largest moon, Ganymede, bigger even than the planet Mercury.

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270,000 km - the diameter of the outer rings of Saturn, the largest in the solar system.

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-224°C - the temperature to which Uranus can plunge, making it the coldest planet in our solar system even though Neptune is further from the sun.

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1,300 mph - the approximate speed that winds can reach on Neptune, the fastest in our solar system and faster than the speed of sound.

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200 million - the estimated number of objects in the asteroid belt with a diameter greater than 1 km.

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